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User Inspired is looking for a web developer to join our team in Jakarta. This is a fantastic opportunity to join a company that place emphasis on performance, design and usability of web based applications and sites. We are focused on developing high quality websites and applications - code quality and efficiency matters to us so if you enjoy building applications that are well loved by clients and learning new things, this could be the perfect job for you.

We are looking for someone who knows HTML, CSS and Javascript, because obviously, it is hard to build a website without those. You are aware of how different major browsers interpret the code and you are expected to keep up with industry standards such as HTML5 and CSS3. You are excited with the possibility offered by Web 2.0 technology such as AJAX for building engaging websites and applications while keeping things speedy with various front end optimization techniques.

You are familiar with object oriented programming and specifically, you know what MVC model does in web development. Two programming languages that we use daily at User Inspired are PHP and Python so you should be familiar with PHP or Python based frameworks such as Django, which we often blog about. And oh, did we mention that you will need to be familiar with open source databases such as MySQL? If you know a thing or two about transactional storage engines, table indexes and how to write efficient SQL queries then you are in a good position.

Since LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Python) is the most common web development platform, it is the platform of choice in User Inspired. It is best if you feel at home with those open source projects. Mastery of Linux command line and distributed version control systems is definitely a plus, since we collaborate on complex projects every day.

As an individual, you are passionate about technology. You are keen to learn new things from your colleagues and to teach them the latest trick you learnt. You work well with others, honest and fun to be with. We believe that great company means great work colleagues to interact and socialize with. In return to your slave like devotion to our client's satisfaction, we are offering a great package.

If the above description sounds like your perfect job, email us a copy of your CV and we will be in touch shortly.

You know what else would help you in landing a job at UI? Inclusion of your Github/Bitbucket/LinkedIn profiles in your CV and attach your solution to any or all of these problems:

  • A small script that generates the first 99 Fibonacci numbers, written in any language you choose.
  • An simple HTML page demonstrating your HTML5 and CSS3 knowledge.
  • A snippet of code that displays Jakarta's current weather temperature in any programming language that you want.
  • Write a jQuery example that returns all DOM elements containing lowercase text.


  • Knows client side technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Prior experience in using LAMP stack
  • Passionate about speed and usability in web applications
  • Understands MVC and how it applies to web development
  • Knowledge of Python and Django mastery
  • Experienced in using various PHP/Python based frameworks and CMS

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