Why Us?

Maximizing Your Business Potential Through Technology

As a group of individuals passionate about technology, we constantly think of ways it can be utilized to overcome challenges in business. We act as your technology partner to solve your business operation challenges to help you grow.

Simple yet Functional, Intuitive yet Efficient are core philosophies that are embodied in all our products and services. This means you will always get an easy to use, yet efficient system that cater to your needs.

We believe web based application is the best platform for company to adopt. First, there is no need to install the application in every computer you have. Everything is centralized on the server. This also means that you will also never have to ask “Is it compatible?” again as our application works in Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and yes, even your Blackberry and iPhone. If your Internet connection is not reliable, our application server can be installed onsite at your office and use your existing network infrastructure. We update our software regularly to protect your data and to give additional features with no extra charges.

Most importantly, we stand behind our products and services. We walk the walk with you by using our own products daily.

Our Beliefs

  • Relevant – our products will, first and foremost, address your immediate needs. From day one, the benefits should be apparent to you.
  • Elegant – our products are simple yet functional. They address your needs, not everybody else's. We design our products to be modular so that you only see what you need.
  • Intuitive – easy to use products mean you invest very little in training to get the productivity boost you want.
  • Efficient – the more responsive our products are, the less time you spend waiting. Our products are fast, even on five years old workstations.
  • Affordable – many systems out there are overpriced. Our products make financial sense even to small and medium businesses.
  • Great Service – great customer service is not a luxury but a must. Expect the best from us.

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